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Join the Greenland Government and make a real difference in Greenlandic society

Are you ready to elevate your career and work on significant tasks that directly influence the future of Greenland? Naalakkersuisut, the Government of Greenland, is seeking passionate and skilled individuals to join our competent and committed team. Here, your skills and knowledge will not only benefit your personal growth, but they will also be instrumental in shaping a sustainable future for Greenlandic society.

A multifaceted workplace with significance

As a part of the Greenland Government, you will have the opportunity to work with a broad range of tasks. These can range from policy formulation and administration to collaborations with local and international partners. The challenges you will face are plentiful and complex, but they are also enriching. Together with your colleagues, you will contribute to creating solid and well-founded decisions for Naalakkersuisut - the elected government of Greenland. Your efforts will have a direct impact on the lives of Greenlanders and play a vital role in shaping Greenland's path to the future.

An organizational powerhouse that thrives on diversity

The Government of Greenland is a comprehensive organization comprising 11 departments, 8 agencies, and numerous decentralized units. Altogether, we employ around 2,500 individuals, all working towards serving public Greenland. We value and promote diversity, believing that our employees' unique backgrounds and varied experiences create a dynamic and versatile workplace.

Emphasis on collaboration and personal development

Working in the Greenland Government involves close cooperation between employees at all levels and the management. We prioritize support and development of our employees' skills and career paths. With the right commitment and competencies, you will have the chance to influence the future course of Greenland and create a meaningful and exciting career in public administration.

Naalakkersuisut: Shape a better future for Greenland with us

If you dream of working in an organization where you can make a real difference and contribute to shaping a society that faces significant challenges and opportunities, then Naalakkersuisut is the perfect workplace for you. We invite you to join our team and work alongside us to create a sustainable and successful future for Greenland. We look forward to welcoming you to our team, and we are confident that your contributions will have a profound and positive impact on Greenlandic society.

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