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Data analytics and insights

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The Power of Data: Analytics and Insights for Smarter Hiring

Leverage comprehensive data tracking and analytics from to gain actionable insights into your job advertisements, applicant pipeline, and overall hiring initiatives. Our detailed reporting and recruiting experts provide the key metrics and intelligence you need to make strategic, data-driven decisions.

In today’s competitive hiring landscape, data is essential to the recruitment process. The right analytics empower you to optimize job posts, understand candidate behavior, identify top sources, and benchmark performance. offers advanced tracking and reporting to give you an information-rich view of your job advertising and applicant funnel. Our analytics translate into smarter optimization and strategy for hiring success.

Robust Analytics and Reporting

Job Post Performance

Views, clicks, cost-per-click, applications, interactions, and more to quantify ad results.

Applicant Pipeline Analysis

Monitor candidate flow at each stage, uncover drop-off points, and reduce time-to-hire

Sourcing Channel Breakdown

Measure conversion rates across organic search, job boards, social media, and other sources to allocate budget efficiently

Content Optimization

Determine highest performing job titles, salaries, descriptions, and more through A/B testing

Recruiting Benchmarks

Benchmark key hiring stats like cost-per-hire against industry standards

ATS Integration

Sync applicant data with your HR systems for consolidated reporting

Expert Insights

Our analytics team reviews the data and provides strategic recommendations

On-going Optimization and Support

We provide continuous optimization recommendations based on the story your hiring data reveals:

Job Post Optimization

Adjust content, keywords, and messaging for higher conversion.

Advertising Refinement

Shift budget toward better performing platforms and channels.

Hiring Process Improvements

Identify bottlenecks impacting candidate experience and offer acceptance rate.

Recruiting Strategy Planning

Set data-backed recruiting KPIs and goals for future hiring initiatives.

Candidate Pool Expansion

Use psychographic data to identify and attract high-quality passive candidates.

Recruiting Tech Stack Overhaul

Determine needed enhancements to your HR tech based on analytics.

Let our analytics and recruiting experts work for you by uncovering the triggers that attract, convert, and engage high-quality talent

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