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Brugseni stands as the largest and most recognized retailer in Greenland,

with a chain of stores scattered across the entire country. Since our inception, we have put our customers and communities at the heart of everything we do, with the aim of providing quality products and services that our customers can trust. From groceries and household items to clothing and more, we take pride in offering a wide range of goods to our customers.

We are a cooperative business, owned and operated for our members. This means that we have a profound commitment to creating value for our members and improving the quality of life in the communities we serve. Through our operations and various social initiatives, we actively work to support and enrich our local communities, contributing to the economic and social prosperity of Greenland.


As an employee at Brugseni, you become part of a team of around 1,200 dedicated and passionate individuals who work hard to make a difference for our customers and communities. We believe in diversity and inclusion, and we welcome people from all backgrounds to become part of our team.

We offer a range of different career opportunities across our organization, including:

  • Retail Operations: From customer service to inventory management, our retail employees are our frontline and play a critical role in ensuring a positive experience for our customers.
  • Management: We offer opportunities for managerial roles at various levels, from team leaders to store managers, where you will have the responsibility of leading our teams and driving our operations.
  • Administration: Our administrative teams work hard to support our operations and ensure that our business functions effectively. From finance to HR, IT, and more, we offer a variety of opportunities in our administrative functions.
  • Supply Chain and Logistics: Our supply chain and logistics teams play a vital role in ensuring that our stores are always well-stocked and ready to serve our customers.

We offer competitive salary and benefits packages, a secure and supportive workplace, and opportunities for professional development and career growth. We are dedicated to supporting our employees in their personal and professional growth, and we take pride in offering a workplace where you can grow and thrive. At Brugseni, every employee is valued and plays a key role in fulfilling our mission and improving the lives of our customers and our communities.

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