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Join a dynamic team dedicated to shaping Greenland's second-largest municipality

Are you driven to effect positive change, and do you aspire to be a key player in Greenland's societal development? Qeqertalik Municipality invites you to join our talented team, where together we work to enhance the lives of our residents and strengthen our communities.

An environment marked by development and collaboration

Qeqertalik Municipality, as the second-largest municipality in Greenland both geographically and by population, encompasses a variety of towns and settlements. As part of our team, you'll work closely with your colleagues and local stakeholders to ensure our citizens have access to efficient and effective public services, and our communities receive the necessary support to thrive.

Diversity and inclusion are key elements

At Qeqertalik Municipality, we pride ourselves on our diversity and inclusiveness. Our staff come from various backgrounds and bring a wealth of skills and experiences. Regardless of your professional background - whether it be in administration, education, health, culture, technology, or environmental sectors - you'll find a welcoming place here that supports your personal and professional growth.

Promotion of career and personal skills

Qeqertalik Municipality is dedicated to offering our employees opportunities for professional and career development. We provide a wide range of roles across different sectors and encourage our employees to enhance their skills and knowledge through education and training. With our support and guidance, you can build a meaningful and rewarding career within the public sector in Greenland.

Experience Greenland's unique nature and culture

Working for Qeqertalik Municipality presents a unique opportunity to experience Greenland's unique natural environment, culture, and people. You'll have the chance to live and work in some of the most stunning and picturesque settings in the world, becoming a valuable part of the local community and contributing to Greenland's social and economic development.

Become part of Qeqertalik Municipality and contribute to a brighter future for Greenland's citizens and communities

If you're passionate about creating positive change and actively participating in Greenland's social and economic development, Qeqertalik Municipality is the perfect place for you. We encourage you to become part of our team and work with us to improve the quality of life of our citizens and strengthen our communities.

A work environment that supports and engages

At Qeqertalik Municipality, we strive to create a work environment where our employees feel engaged, supported, and valued. We believe that a positive work environment and a culture based on trust and collaboration are key to our success and our ability to deliver effective services to our citizens.

Focus on sustainability and environmental protection

At Qeqertalik Municipality, we place great emphasis on promoting sustainable solutions and protecting Greenland's unique environment. As part of our team, you'll have the opportunity to participate in important projects and initiatives addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainable development throughout our municipality.

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Aasiaat - Inoqarfik søger en områdeleder Kommune Qeqertalik er en nyskabende kommune med udgangspunkt i befolkningens regionale, kulturelle og servicemæssige behov. Har du mod på at organisere funktionsområdet INOQARFIK? Har du lyst til at forbedre serviceringen af borgerne, har du erfaring med ledelse og trives du med at have mange...

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Regnskab/ kontrol medarbejder

I Kommune Qeqertalik er en stilling som Regnskabs medarbejder ledig til besættelse pr. 2. januar 2024 eller efter nærmere aftale. Arbejdsopgaverne er: Kontrol og opfølgning af forskellige regnskabsområderIndgå i arbejde med at udarbejdelse af forretningsgangeRegnskabskontrol, herunder kontrol af bilag og afstemninger·Løbende optimering af regnskabs- og kontrolprocesser.·Udarbejdelse af ledelsesinformation og økonomiske...

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Qeqertarsuaq - Børnehave Kuluk søger en souschef Kommune Qeqertalik, Qeqertarsuaq, søger souschef for Børnehaven Kuluk med tiltrædelse pr. 01. januar 2024 eller efter aftale.

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Qasigiannguit - Alderdomshjemmet søger afdelingsleder til afdelingen for mere aktive beboere

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HR Partner

Kommune Qeqertalik søger en HR-partner til besættelse pr. 1. januar 2024 eller efter aftale. Har du en stærk HR-faglighed og er god til at skabe relationer, hvor du under sparring med lederne giver værktøj i deres håndtering af personaleansvar? Motiveres du af at arbejde i en organisation med stor berøringsflade?...

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